The Member of Board are:

arshadArshad Mohammad(President)

markusMarkus Scharon(Vice President)

annaliteAnnelott Kretzschmar (Secretary)

HanspeterHanspeter Kretzschmar (Technical Director)

shah sabNiaz Hussain Shah(Member of Board)


Reviving disaster hit areas and providing relief to as many people as possible. We work hard to provide every kind of facility needed to ease the tension. We aim to help the poor children to put them in school who are unable to carry out their education due to money...

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About us

We are a nonprofit organization working within the state's laws and providing relief to the people in the disaster hit areas. Be it an earthquake, flood or famine, we are always there to help the needy people. By keeping complete records of the people we attend to, we keep a...

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Give a helping hand to those who need it by donating as much as you can as it can change someone’s life. Your donation can help many children to put them in school or to give them food or clean water to drink. Someone might be waiting for your help....

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